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Full Head Wig, Hair loss 

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length 28-32 inches

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Availalbe in curl/ wavy and straight 

straight/Curl/ Dye and washable 

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A full head wig is a hairpiece that covers the entire head, recreating a natural hair look. Made from human hair or synthetic fibers, it's a popular solution for hair loss due to medical conditions, alopecia, or cancer treatment. Full head wigs are also used for fashion or cosmetic purposes, offering a quick and easy way to change one's hairstyle or color. They come in various lengths, styles, and colors, and can be customized to match individual hair types and textures. Full head wigs are attached using adhesives, tapes, or clips, and require regular maintenance and styling. With proper care, a full head wig can last for several months, providing a natural-looking and confident hair experience. Whether for medical or cosmetic reasons, full head wigs offer a versatile and convenient hair solution. (Full Head Wig, Hair Loss, Hair Solution)

Full Head Wig